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2,600mm wheelbase
Engine numero interno: 70/M.
Split Windshield>
Gearbox numero interno: 17/A

April 27, 1953 600mm Tipo 340MM chassis delivered to the Pinin Farina Factory for fitting of “Special Le Mans-1953” coachwork.
April 28, 1953 Factory Assembly Data Sheets identify that on this date the chassis and supension were completed and signed of by mechanics, Silingardi, Torlai , Nicolini and Cioni. All work was supervised by foreman Sig. Franchini
June 8, 1953 Factory Assembly Data Sheets identify that on this date the gearbox was completed by mechanic Giusti and supervised by foreman Franchini. Completed as the second of three Factory Team 340 Mille Miglia Pinin Farina Berlinettas(0318AM, 0320AM & 0322AM). Chassis No. 0320AM was built on Pinin Farina Job No. 12236. Pinin Farina identifies these three vehicles as “Tipo 340 / 375 Special Le Mans-1953”. Upon completion, and while still owned by the Scuderia Ferrari, were turned over to Franco Cornacchia’s Scuderia Guastalla for testing and evaluation

June 13—14 1953: 24 Hours of Le Mans
Chassis No. Team / Entrant Drivers Engine Size Race No. Result
0318AM Scuderia Ferrari Ascari / Villoresi 4.5 liter 12 DNF
0320AM Scuderia Ferrari Hawthorn / Farina 4.1 liter 14 Disqualified
0322AM Scuderia Ferrari Marzotto / Marzotto 4.1 liter 15 5th Overall
Hawthorn in chassis No. 0320AM, while running second behind 0318AM pulled into the pits just after completing the 12th lap to have his brakes checked. In the pits the brakes were bled for safety and the reservoir topped off. An obscure pre-war Le Mans rule stipulated that no fluids (oil, water etc...) could be added until at least 28 laps were completed. This highly dangerous rule was protested by Ferrari and, for the 1954 race, thrown out. However with the 1953 race over, there was nothing Ferrari could do.

Shortly after the completion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, both 0320AM and 0322AM had their engines bored out to 4.5 liters making them full 375MMs. (0318AM had been fitted with an experimental 4.5 engine just prior to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race). It should be noted that these three 375MMs and a lone 375MM Vignale Spyder, chassis No. 0286AM were all fitted with a variation of the ex-Grand Prix developed 4.5 liter engine that utilized a bore and stroke of 80.0mm x 74.5mm for a total displacement of 4494 cc. Factory records identify that these engines produced 384 bhp at 7500 rpm. Subsequent “Customer” 375MM Berlinettas and Spyders utilized an all new short stroke engine of 84mm x 68 mm for a total displacement of 4523cc. This second generation “short stroke” engine produced 340 bhp at a lower 7000 rpm.

June 17, 1953 Factory Assembly Data Sheets identify that on this date the new 4.5 liter
engine of chassis 0320AM was completed by mechanics Gnoli and Lavoni
and then tested by foreman Franchini and Storchi.
June 25, 1953 The Certificato d’Origine identifies that on this date the Chassis of 0320AM
was ready for delivery.
July 1953 All three 375MM Berlinettas were returned to the Pinin Farina workshops where the nose of each car was reworked and given covered headlights for better high speed penetration. The rear glass area was also extensively reworked with a much smaller rear window being fitted. Chassis 0320AM was then returned to the Scuderia Ferrari and raced in the following events:

Date Race Team / Entrant Drivers Race No. Result
July 25, 1953
24 Hours of Spa
Scuderia Ferrari
Ascari / Villoresi
August 9, 1953
Senigalia Scuderia Ferrari Villoresi
August 16, 1953 12 Hours of Pescara Scuderia Ferrari Hawthorn / Maglioli
1st OA
November 19, 1953 Carrera Panamericana Scuderia Ferrari* Ricci / Salviati / Maglioli
6th OA
December, 1953 Circuit of Guadeloupe Scuderia Guastalla Maglioli
1st OA

Sept. 18, 1953 Factory Assembly Data Sheets identify that on this date the engine and gearbox were overhauled and new drum brakes fitted by mechanic Walter Sghedoni and supervised by foreman Franchini.
Oct. 7, 1953 A Certificato d’Origine, No. 0354 was issued and dated for 0320AM.
Oct. 9, 1953 Both 0320 and 0322 were officially delivered on this date to Sig. Tullio Pacini of Rome, Italy.
Oct. 12, 1953 The Certificato d’Origine, No. 0354 was formally recognized by the Modena City Court.
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